If you don't learn to make money while you sleep you will work until you die.
-Warren Buffet


To educate our communities and other like-minded business professionals on ways to build wealth through commercial multi-family real estate.



Change current wealth model and open commercial real estate investment opportunities to everyday business professionals.

What We Do

We work with private investors to invest passively in Multifamily apartment buildings.

We partner with experienced operators in growing markets to generate strong monthly cash flow and equity growth.

Using the depreciation benefits of our tax code, our investors get a significant tax deduction on the property. Depreciation is not a real cash expense. However, it can be used to deduct from your tax bill on real income.
Thanks to the benefits of depreciation, the monthly or quarterly cash distributions that you receive may qualify for complete tax deferment during the property hold period (typically 3-5yrs).
Using your Self Directed IRA or 401k allows alternative investments (i.e. Real Estate) for your retirement savings. This is a great way to diversify your portfolio and help accelerate your retirement savings with real estate investing.
Over the past four decades, multifamily investments have provided returns that exceed all other real estate property classes while also providing the highest average annual total returns of any other commercial real estate sector.
Demand for multifamily apartments has shown a steady increase as more people continue to migrate into the US. Statistics also show that more Millennials are renting than buying. This trend is expected to increase over time. As the homeownership rates continues to drop in the United States, the demand for apartments will continue to climb.

Our Partners

Our Team

Our team has over 50 years combined experience in the real estate profession and have partnered with some of the top real estate syndicators in the industry. We are passionate about introducing our community and other business professionals with these alternative real estate investment options.

Myron McNeil Managing Principal
Myron McNeil is Managing Principal and Founder of American Commodity Investment Group and has over 1...
Duamel Vellon Partner
Duamel Vellon is CEO and Founder of Ten15 Capital and is an accomplished electrical engineer license...
Jens Nielsen Advisor
Jens Nielsen is the principal Open Doors Capital. He has raised almost $1M for apartment deals and h...
Shagne McNeil Acquisitions Manager
Commercial Broker
Shagne McNeil manages broker relationships for American Commodity Investment Group and helps oversee...
Maria “Lupita” Jimenez Investor Relations
Asset Manager
Lupita has been a licensed Real Estate Professional since 2006, getting an early start with a group ...


American Commodity Investment Group is passionate about educating our community and other like-minded business professionals on ways to build long term wealth by investing real estate. Whether you are a seasoned real estate investor, beginner, or just want to learn, we have seminars and meetups that cater to all levels. These events are FREE for everyone, but require you to RSVP in advance. Take a look at the seminars we offer and come get educated while networking with other like-minded professionals.

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